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December 6, 2008

New Clothing Catalog + Rockhopper coming!

Well Penguins, the new Dec. 08 catalog came out today with some awsome winter clothing! But first, check the telescope for rockhopper…his coming….green.


To recieve the yellow scarf simply click the christmas tree lights on the 2nd page!


To recieve the russian hat, click the top of the tree on page 4.


For the Red/Blue Viking Helment, click on the red penguins head on page 5.


For the pink pom pom, click the pink hair bow on page 6.


For the red hoodie, click the lighthouse on the 8th page.


Click the pink flipper on the 10th page to get the black superhero mask.


Finally, click the coin on page 11 to get the Black Scuba Mask.


Until then, Waddle On!




November 28, 2008

November Sports Catalog is out!

Hello Penguins! Be sure to check the November 08 sports catalog if you haven’t!


Here are the Catalog cheats:

Silver Surf Board: Go to the 6th page.

Click on the Penguins Surfboard

Click on the seashell

and finally click on the star!

Now, to get the Pommel Horse click the “N.”

Until then, Waddle On!


November 22, 2008

Furniture Catalog and New Stage!

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Be sure to check the christmas furniture catalog, for it is out now! Also, there is a new stage, so check that out as well. Sorry, I can’t post any pictures right now because I am extremely busy, however I should be back on schedule by the end of the week!

November 19, 2008


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Hey guys! Sorry I forgot to update all the ninja stuff because I was very busy with other things. One of the things is, a new game just like Club Penguin that I found out about. If you would like me to tell you what the game called, please comment your email and I will send you an email of the game, an no its not Planet Cazmo…its something really cool.

Until then, Waddle On!

November 16, 2008

Free Penguin!

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Just felt like giving away a free penguin today! This penguin is 602 days old and was a member but is currently not. No one knew the password before, so its a fresh penguin! His oldest pin is the surf board pin. User: Patch787 Pass: Patch


Until then, Waddle On!


November 14, 2008

Dojo is out!

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Go to the dojo now to get your self some awsome Geta Flippers!


Then in the dojo you will see the entire room wonderfully decorated with some awsome Chinese music playing.


In other news: I am proud to announce that I am now an administrator of Ceptor’s blog! Be sure to visit his blog here: if you have the spare time! Also, I am throwing in a Club Penguin Party very soon now!

Until then, Waddle On!



November 13, 2008

Dojo Cheat!

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Just a small cheat update, click the row of lamps to reveal a ninja poster with a real ninja penguin picture! Just another clue for ninja’s coming to Club Penguin!


Until then, Waddle On!


November 10, 2008

More Ninja Signs and Dojo almost complete!

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First of all, click the “N” at the Night Club sign to see a real black ninja flip across the town!


Now, click your map and look at the dojo! It looks like its almost complete!


At the dojo, there will be a sign saying, “Training begans Nov. 17” We will be able to train to be ninjas!


Finally, check the top of the dojo! There is a waterfall and an entire Chinese looking Palace! There is also a small door with a note attached to it…hmm… 


Until then, Waddle On!


November 9, 2008

Club Penguin Puzzle

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Another Clubpenguin toy will be released very soon. Iceburg Tipping Puzzle will be out at Toy’s R Us very soon now, so keep your eyes peeled!


Until then, Waddle On!


November 8, 2008

Party Soon?

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I just might be throwing in a party very soon! Keep checking every now and then for an announcement.


Until then, Waddle On!


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